Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Walking the Plank

This is Kevin's 42 foot long walking track that we are now using to help correct his left foot from turning in.  Our goal is one mile.  We lovingly refer to it as "walking the plank".

Aye Matey! YO HO HO!

Jon made the walking track in 7 - 6 foot sections. This is so that we can move it to the side to have floor space while Kevin and I crawl and creep laps around the house. And on Sundays, our day of rest - Amen!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Walking Anniversary

It's February 26 - Kevin's Walking Anniversary!  Four years ago, Kevin began walking a distance of 6 feet.  Which was three days after completing one mile, which was 100 laps on our 30 foot Overhead Ladder.  All of Kevin's hard work paid off and he began walking.  This will always be a day for this proud Mama to celebrate with her special special boy!


"How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways."

Kevin's New Baby Cousin

Watch Out Captain Hook!

We took advantage of the Polar Bear half price admission to the Cleveland Zoo on MLK day, with the temperature outside below 32 degrees. 
Kevin loves the Rainforest, where the temperature is just right. 
We have never seen the crocodile this close before
Watch Out Captain Hook!

Sled Riding

I took Kevin sled riding at the "big" hill by myself for his first time this year.  Getting him up the hill wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  I wouldn't say he had fun. I think he was getting snow-spray in his face on the way down.  But we did stay out for 30 minutes and went down the hill 6 times...which is longer than it took to get dressed.  The next time we went, Jon was able to go with us and I remembered to try the snow goggles on him, so he had no skin exposed.  And he enjoyed himself much more.  I also realized that I was the one causing all the snow-spray when I rode in the sled with my foot out to stop and steer us.  He even went down the hill a few times all by himself.



Playing with Christmas Toys

It's Thomas The Train!

And Jingle is a good dog!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bubble Lady at the Library


Proof, that Kevin does live in a bubble

Christmas 2012

Christmas with the Golembiewski's

Our Christmas

Christmas with the Hudak's
PS - Jon was sick!