Friday, February 27, 2015

Dr. Nemeh - February 26, 2015

We are so grateful for your loving response to our prayer request for Kevin yesterday. We want you to know that we keep you all close in our prayers and Praise God for having so many good people in our lives that we can count on. And a special prayer of ThanksGiving for Friend who made this visit possible. On our drive home from the visit, Jon and I both said we couldn’t quite put it into words but that it felt right and we knew we were supposed to be there.

Dr. Nemeh’s office is an hour's drive and just as we were getting bundled up to leave our house, his office called to say that he was still in a session with a patient and that there was another patient before Kevin waiting. They called back an hour later and then we were on our way. It was very convenient not to have to entertain Kevin in the waiting room for over an hour. Dr. Nemeh came into the treatment room about 4:45 pm and his session lasted over an hour. 

Kevin instantly had a big smile for Dr. Nemeh and got up to shake his hand. Dr. Nemeh said he remembered Kevin well and asked why we waited so long to come back. During the treatment, he talked about some other blessed kids/young adults like Kevin and how they have gained abilities they never had before with his treatment. He also reflected on Kevin’s good spirit. 

Dr. Nemeh began scanning Kevin with his device and then proceeded into treatment. Overall, he said Kevin was in good health but he asked if Kevin had falls. Kevin most recently had a bad fall down the steps just before Christmas. Dr. Nemeh said his back (spine) and head were affected from these falls and that his treatment would help. Dr. Nemeh also noted Kevin’s bloated belly and said the treatment would help that as well - by the end of the session, Kevin’s belly was soft again. Part of the treatment involves this device that looks like a vibrating drum that he holds on the bottom of Kevin’s feet and body - Kevin loves it! It was about this time in the treatment that Kevin began getting vocal and making sounds. Many of you know his ups and downs with sounds. Recently the the vocal sounds have been few and far between - so it was music to our ears to hear Kevin making so many sounds. Sometimes it really looked like he had something to say. It was about halfway through the session that you could see how relaxed Kevin was feeling and by the end it looked as if he may even fall asleep. 

Kevin wasn’t the only one feeling relaxed - yesterday morning did not begin the way I had envisioned. Jon has been under some additional stress; Kevin had one of his vomit episodes during breakfast and while I was trying to get him to the bathroom in time, my pot of soup was boiling over on the stove - it was one of those mornings!  But Jon and I both felt a real sense of peace during the visit. We’re not sure if that is just from being in the presence of this peaceful man with his beautiful pictures Christ, Mother Mary, and Saints on his walls - or from all your powerful prayers. But when we returned home about 7:30pm - all three of us went to bed with pleasant dreams. 

Speaking of sleep - I have to share an amusing story that Friend shared with me. Friend had taken a friend to see Dr. Nemeh and during the session said to Dr. Nemeh - if you are too tired to continue and need a rest, I can come back at another time - Dr. Nemeh said “I am praying”. During the treatment, there are times when it looks as if he falls asleep, but if you watch closely you will see his hands moving ever so slightly and of course feel the peace.

At the end of our session, Dr. Nemeh suggested getting an infrared light to use on Kevin’s left foot and head and also recommended that we return for another treatment in 8 weeks. 

I keep all your kind words close to my heart and reread them when I need a little extra support during my day. 
I wanted to share a few reflections that were shared with me.

"God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power and love and a sound mind.” - I interpret that as hopefulness and positiveness.

Matthew 7:7-12 "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you....if you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good things to those who ask him."

Psalm 138  "..the Lord is with me to the end.”

Please continue to keep Kevin in your prayers as we believe in things that we cannot see.

Dr. Nemeh and Kevin - February 26, 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Prayers for Kevin on Feb. 26

I’m asking for prayers during Kevin’s appointment with Dr. Nemeh tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 26 at 3:00pm.

In case you haven’t heard this awesome story…read on.

Our church is holding this 7 week series called Christ Life. I knew I should probably sign up but was finding excuses (one was a good excuse - evening enemas with Kevin) but some not so good (I have to put on “real people” clothes and go out at night). So the morning of, I see a Facebook post mentioning it and decide to at least call church and see if there was still room to sign up, they were able to squeeze me in...and I FINALLY said Yes. After all, I have declared this year to be a year of blessings for us. Plus I knew once I went to Christ Life I would be glad I did and of course I was and am glad I am participating.

So now you are wondering what this Christ Life series has to do with Dr. Nemeh. We are assigned to small groups in Christ Life and OF COURSE a certain person (who would prefer to remain anonymous and I will now refer to as Friend) was assigned to my table. When we first met a few years ago (in a similar small group at bible study), Friend said to me…”I know who you are, your son is the reason I went to Dr. Nemeh and was healed from my terminal illness.” I don’t see Friend very often, so I was very happy to see this unforgettable friend at my table. Friend asked if we had been back to see Dr. Nemeh and I said no. Friend told me that the Nemeh’s and Trapper (the radio guy that covered our last appointment) ask about us. Friend asked about Kevin and I said things are ok - not wanting to be pessimistic about things but also always hoping things were better for Kevin. I told Friend that Kevin had surgery on his ankles last year and while the surgery did what it was supposed to do it has not corrected all the problems Kevin has in regards to his walking - and that we are really struggling in this area. Later in the evening, during a break, Friend comes up to me and gives me Dr. Nemeh’s business card and told me to call for an appointment and that friend will cover the cost of the appointment. So needless to say, this first night of class left me utterly speechless!

There’s more to this awesome story…
Before I was able to call Dr. Nemeh’s office - they called me. Friend was there with a friend and had the office call me to set up the appointment. The office started giving me dates for an appointment and when she said the first available was February 26 - I couldn’t believe it, because I knew instantly that the same date, February 26 in 2006 was when our church had the Healing Service with Dr. Nemeh. In case you don’t know or remember that story - Kevin was about 1 1/2 years old at that time and the next night, I received my first hug when he wrapped his right arm around my neck - I will never forget it! It took me some time later to realize that it was that following June that my Mom discovered the book by Glenn Doman that changed our world and gave us hope for Kevin - which I attribute to the Healing Service. AND in 2009 on February 26 was when Kevin took his first steps and began to walk - which is a direct result of finding Glenn Doman through Divine Intervention from the Healing Service - not to mention a lot of helpers (from neighbors and our church) and Kevin’s hard work. 

So, of course I said we wanted our appointment with Dr. Nemeh to be on February 26!!!!
This is exactly what we need - some HOPE!!!!

Another friend in my small group table pointed out that our 3pm appointment is the hour of Divine Mercy.

This is an appointment for medical treatment. On it states that “Dr. Nemeh’s primary method of patient treatment and diagnosis is called Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture. Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture (MRA) is different from traditional Chinese acupuncture. MRA consists of two parts, a diagnostic procedures and a treatment procedure. This treatment is painless and is performed with a small, single needle that is temporary inserted at various points on the body, usually for just a few seconds.” "Please note that Dr. Nemeh does not offer private prayer sessions through his medical practice. While the doctor may pray silently to himself during a medical office visit, those who are interested in only prayer and do not want medical treatment should visit for information on personalized prayer sessions and upcoming healing services.”

But from the stories Friend has shared with me - Friend’s personal experience and those witnessed - there is still a lot of healing happening in that medical office.
Ultimately we are always striving towards more progress for Kevin, especially in regards to walking and talking, but as we discovered in 2006, it may not be an instant healing, it may be something just as important like Hope. 

Thy Will Be Done

This is Kevin with Dr. Nemeh during our last visit in 2009

Love & Blessings to you all