Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Joyful Year in 2012

Kevin is learning sign language and his most successful and favorite sign is for apple, probably because he loves to eat them.  He even uses this sign at the market to get an apple from the nice people that work there.  We began attending a sign language class together and we also began going to StoryTime at the library, he practically runs into the library he is so excited to be there.  This gives Kevin more opportunity to not only be around other kids but also babies, and Kevin loves babies!  He can't wait for his new cousin, Baby Hudak to be born in the new year, and we are working diligently on learning the sign for baby. 

Another thing Kevin is getting better with is being around pets.  When we take a walk and meet a dog, he gives them treats and he just began touching them with one finger.  No furry pets in our future but we did buy a small aquarium to keep a few entertaining fish.

There was not a big vacation this year but we had plenty of fun!  We went to playgrounds and kid size swimming pools.  We rode on Thomas the Train, a pontoon boat, and even in a golf cart on Put N Bay Island. Uncle Steve took all the kids fishing and made sure each one caught a fish * Kevin even touched it!  We went to a kid size amusement park where Kevin wanted to ride the roller coaster again and again.  We even took Kevin to his first high school football game.  And on his 8th birthday this year, he surprised us all by keeping himself afloat in the swimming pool with no support!

We love to count our blessings at the end of each day and year and we look forward to hearing about some of the blessings in your life this past year. 

Peace and Love to you and your family for the coming year.

2012 Portraits