Thursday, May 11, 2017

Terrific Tuesday Helper

We love our Terrific Tuesday Helper. I love listening to her character voices as she reads books to Kevin. BOOK is always the first thing Kevin chooses on his Talker to do on Tuesdays...and sometimes it's a whole stack of books. I love listening to the music she plays on the piano and guitar for Kevin and doesn't mind when he plays along. And I love listening to the squeals of laughter as they build block towers so high. Sometimes I feel a little jealous of all the fun they are having while I'm slaving away in the kitchen...but mostly I feel thankful for this terrific girl and the fun she brings.

This photo makes me laugh...even his leg are up

Concentration face

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Music Concert - May 2017

We took Kevin to a music concert at a local high school to watch one of Kevin's favorite people perform. It was a good opportunity to give him what I hoped would be a positive experience. I felt like the odds were good since Kevin would know a familiar face up on stage. Plus it helped that our friends were sitting with us and Kevin did great! He started out a little nervous and cautious but he willingly put the noise canceling headphones on before the show started. He can definitely tolerate loud sounds in circumstances when he knows what to expect but if it's new and unfamiliar then it helps him to wear the headphones. I loved watching him process it all...wearing the headphones to help himself in a new situation; smiling when he recognized songs that were sung acapella (Home & William Tell Overture); and best of all finding his friend on stage. Overall a very good experience.

Winter Photos

Some winter photos when Kevin was still wearing the air cast.

Sunday night FaceTime with Uncle Steve
Shenanigans with his air cast

Thankful for my boys
Brandywine Falls

A warm day in February

The trail got too rough for the stroller and
I had to carry Kevin on my back up a big hill

More Christmas in April

This kid has been obsessed with Christmas in the month of April. He destroyed the holiday closet. He took down the Easter decorations on the window and insisted that the Snowman go up instead. He brought several items up from the basement: the tree topper, his big Olaf blowup, the Leg Lamp, and more Christmas musical dancing figures. I was afraid he was going to drag up the Christmas tree next. I eventually put most of it away and Jon put a lock on the closet...but we did keep a few battery operated toys out for him to play with because it makes him so happy. I'm not committing myself here...but I am considering bringing up some Christmas for him while he is recovering after his next surgery...we'll see...

April Art Projects

April 8, 2017 - Hungry Caterpillar
Skills: painting, cutting, glueing, taping

April Birthdays

April 29 - Shiny Turtle
This is the art project we came home to after a date night

Happy Easter & Happy Birthday & Spring Track

Easter Hunt

Happy 16th Birthday Ryan
We made him work for his gifts this year

Spring Track with Carrie & Daniel

Happy 20th Anniversary

Jon and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary while we were visiting my family the week of Easter. We spent a couple nights in downtown Cincinnati while Kevin got to hang out at Grandee & Pap's house. Thanks Mom & Dad! My sister gave fantastic choices of places to see and eat so we could just relax and enjoy ourselves. In the last 20 years, Cincinnati has made some great changes to the riverfront area. It's now my favorite city to visit especially when it's outdoor weather to take advantage of all the walking paths along the river. I highly recommend it and can't wait to take Kevin down there to enjoy the Carousel.

Spent a beautiful evening walking The Banks
Fountain Square with purple lights and Graeter's ice cream!

French Cafe across from Findlay Market

Purple tulips in Washington Park
Beautiful View
Breakfast with BYOChampagne
They pulled out the red carpet for us
Swings on The Banks
The Queen City
Kevin living it up at Grandee & Pap's house
April 26 - Anniversary date at Sarah's Vineyard