Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spring Dance Recital 2018 - I Want Candy

Spring Dance Recital - May 5, 2018

This was Abby's (Kevin's helper) last recital with Kevin - she is graduating and going to college next year. I feel so blessed to know this amazing girl! After Kevin's very first dance recital, I put a message out to our church's teen group asking for a helper for Kevin's dance class. Abby answered right away and impressed me immediately when we met. She didn't need service hours and she did it amongst all her other activities. This girl is kind-hearted and when she changed into her prom dress immediately after last spring's dance recital. Congratulations Abby, we love you!

We were blessed with many friends and family to support all these amazing dancers. It does my heart good to watch these kids shine! 

Backstage...where Kevin likes to smile!

Thanks for the pictures Jacki

Growing like a weed - last year & this year

Thanks for the bubbles, Abby!

Bike, Dance, Walk - May 5 & 6, 2018

This was an extraordinarily awesome and abundantly blessed weekend...and it wasn't just the perfect spring weather in Ohio. 

Saturday morning, Kevin and I cheered on our church's 5K-ers. Kevin rode his bike up and down the sidewalk on the 5K route. He rang his bike bell and honked his horn to cheer them on from the first to the last participant…it was so much fun!!!

Saturday evening, Kevin had his spring dance recital. We were once again blessed with family and friends coming to see Kevin and his awesome friends. Pictures to follow in a separate post. 

Lots and lots of blessings but here is my favorite...
Sunday afternoon, Jon, Kevin, and I went to the Daffodil Trail and Kevin walked the entire 0.8 mile trail !!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!

New opportunities are opening up for us with all of Kevin's hard work in therapy. It's nice to see it paying off in family activities.

Even a sign from Uncle Kevin that he is proud of Kevin

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mom & Dad Date Nights

Last year with Kevin's surgeries and recoveries it was difficult to get out for date nights - we've been making them up this year big time!

March 28 - PINK Concert!!!!

April 13 - Dinner with Chef Father Jim

Father Jim
Wild Goose Sisters
Violin music by Joel

April 20 - LifeTeen Fundraiser: A Night Under the Stars

Abby - one of our favorite LifeTeen-ers

April 28 - Anniversary Overnight at Maumee Bay

Time with Dad

Dad reading an oldie but a goodie during family dinner night - Bear Snores On
Kevin was helping to say the words on his Talker by saying BEAR during the phrases Bear snores on. But then at one point during the story, it was time for him to say BEAR and he started giggling uncontrollably and he said DAD instead of BEAR - Dad snores on...LOL!!!

Bear growls
Lots of Laughs
Kevin helps say words in the story

March 26 - Dad takes Kevin to WWE wrestling

April 3 - Dad and Kevin go to a CAVS basketball game

April 8 - Opening weekend, Dad and Kevin at an Indians baseball game

Meeting  Carlos Baerga

Spring 2018

April 1 - Happy Easter

April 8 - OSU's pinwheel planting ceremony to honor my Dad and his heart donor. 
A pinwheel is chosen because it is 8 spokes supported by 1 stem--symbolic that one organ donor can save up to 8 lives through organ donation.

Spring Nature Photos
Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron's Nest