Friday, September 27, 2013


A good friend of ours, Ms. Louise, took Kevin to Build A Bear last Christmas to buy him a bear. The bear includes a sound chip so that when you squeeze the bear's hand it says "I Love You". The bear sits on the couch in our "therapy/work" room and we had both forgotten that it had this ability to say "I love you". But recently Kevin rediscovered it and he likes to push it over and over again. More than once he has pulled me over to him on the couch and figured out a way to put his right arm (the good arm) around my neck AND hold on to the bear's hand so he can press the "I love you" button over and over again while he gives ME a hug. THIS IS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!!! But Kevin, I know you love me even without the words...I see it every day in your eyes and your smile and I feel it in your hugs. I LOVE YOU TOO!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Check Up

Kevin loves going to visit the Dentist every six months. 
He is getting better with every visit about the actual teeth cleaning. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Music Lover

Kevin has taken a new interest in music.

He loves watching Music Concerts on TV

He even likes to help direct the band with Michael Buble

Mama's happy that he loves country music too

Making his own music!

Garden Update

August 2013
We got lots and lots of Collards and Cucumbers. 
Our Tomatoes are just now ripening. 
Peppers, Zucchini, and Squash didn't do so well. 
We also had Lettuce, Celery, and Kohlrabi.

Good Times with the Cousins

July 2013

"A Boy and an Uncle in a little canoe with the sun shining all around"

Canoeing with Uncle Steve at Armco Park
July 2013

Southern Charm

Before our vacation to Myrtle Beach we stopped in North Carolina 
for some Southern Charm with the Carroll Family
June 2013

Myrtle Beach - June 2013