Friday, February 26, 2010

One Year Walking Anniversary

Today is Kevin's One Year Walking Anniversary! Of course, I made signs and have balloons up in the house and we are having a celebratory dinner with The Hudak's tomorrow. I was very excited about celebrating this momentous day but unfortunately we got some bad news today. Kevin has a sprained ankle! I am actually not surprised, I think he has had it for several weeks because I've been concerned about his left foot turning inward as he was walking and noticed it looked swollen at times. When Kevin's chiropractor checked it out today he confirmed it was sprained and recommended Kevin stay off of it for a few days. Easier said than done (which I love saying!). But we did have our mall walk this morning (before seeing the doctor) where I videoed Kevin walking (almost running!). I will post today's walking video along with his very first walking video from one year ago. What a champion! Enjoy.

Kevin's first walking video in February of 2009

Today's Walking Video, February 26, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010


Before and shortly after Kevin was born I participated in a Women's Bible Study. The last study I attended was Revelation, but unfortunately I did not get to finish the year due to Kevin's therapy and doctor schedule. And it wasn't long after that, that we began "the program" when we had to omit all extras in our life. Now after making the decision to switch to the Family Hope Center and get some of our life back, I finally feel like I can add something extra in my life. Our church advertised a Little Rock Scripture Study of Revelation. Well I couldn't think of anything better to add to my life and I couldn't believe that I would get to pick up exactly where I left off almost four years ago. I had attended the Little Rock group study in the past and was assigned to the same small group facilitator I had had years ago. I was happy to see some familiar faces in my group, two of which were former patterners. But the real excitement was one of the new faces at my table, when one of the gentlemen gave us his name I recognized it immediately as the man who received a healing miracle from Dr. Nemeh. Trapper Jack had contacted me over the summer and told me that this gentleman from my parish had been inspired by Kevin to go to Dr. Nemeh for a private appointment. His healing is so very miraculous. I will admit it is difficult not to be a little jealous of an instant healing. But it does not discourage me because as I have already learned in my study of the book of Revelation, God commands the churches to persevere in times of hardship and persecution...just as Jesus did...just as I will! I continue to hold fast to my hope and faith that Kevin will be "healed" with our perseverance. How could I not believe with all the small miracles that we have received that add up to one miracle walking boy!

Making a Path

During the last few days we have had a much needed warm up after receiving over a foot and half of snow in our area. The sun has been out and the temperatures above freezing. Unfortunately many of the sidewalks were not yet clear, but it was just too nice to not take one of our walks outside. So what did this crazy mom do...she walked ahead of Kevin with a snow shovel and made sure there were no icy patches for our 1/2 mile walk.


After the holiday's, just as the weather was making it more difficult to continue to take our daily walks outside, Kevin and I became early morning "mall walkers". At first I wasn't sure how the dedicated "mall walkers" would accept a wobbly and weaving walker into their territory. Especially one that doesn't follow the path and often times has a mind of his own. But it wasn't long before many walkers knew his name and became his new groupies. And not long ago some of our new friends began noticing his improved walking since we began only a month ago. His walking is less wobbly and weaving and much faster. We walk about 3/4 of a mile in about 30-40 minutes. On the Friday before Valentine's Day, Kevin and I passed out little Valentine cards to all our mall walker friends. They say he brings smiles and joy to them. Kevin even received a few of his own Valentines.

2010 February Miracle

I've been holding my breath hoping upon hope and praying that this year's February miracle milestone would be Kevin's speech. And I now feel confident to post that Kevin is saying "mama"...and that makes for a very happy mama! I actually heard it the last week of January, but it wasn't until my beloved month of February that others began to hear this precious word which makes it feel even more real. Overall Kevin is much more vocal by quality and quantity. He has added many new sounds to his vocalizations. One of the challenges we are facing right now is at church when he wants to talk or sing over the priest's homily or other parts of the mass. Right now I'm still having a hard time "shushing" my son who is just beginning to voice his opinions. But just as I reflected last year in 2009, this was something I and many others were praying for intensely, and once again it is not an end result it is just the beginning of another miracle to come in Kevin's life.

Monday, February 8, 2010

2009 February Reflection

The autumn season used to be my favorite time of year. But after beginning Kevin’s Program, winter quickly turned into my favorite time of year because we don’t mind being “stuck” in the house with the cold weather. We enjoy doing our program and watching it snow outside. Jon & I have always said that Kevin makes great progress in the winter months because the pace of life is slower and we have less to distract us from Kevin’s goal. But after this reflection I think it goes a bit further than that.
This year, as Kevin achieved another milestone in the month of February, I began to reflect that since being on “the program” the month of February has begun to have significant meaning for us. And then when I reflected further back I found a few more significant events that happened in the month of February. And as I reflected on this new found realization I first came to the conclusion that these significant events that have happened in the month of February are God’s sign of love to me…appropriately given during the month that we celebrate love.
 February 1996 – Jon asked me to marry him…I finally got the proposal I had been waiting for.
 February 2004 – I received the good news that I was pregnant, at last.
 February 2006 – We attended Dr. Nemeh’s Healing Service, shortly after we discovered Glenn Doman and are still reaping the benefits.
 February 2007 – Kevin was finally able to sit up independently.
 February 2008 – Kevin finally achieved the ability to creep on his hands and knees.
 February 2009 – Kevin has taken his first steps.
Now after writing this I realize that all these events were something that I had been anxiously awaiting and spending lots of time in prayer on. Each event had a tremendous amount of prayer involved, not only from me but from all of those who knew my heart’s desire. I know that I could never wrap my head around the number of people who pray for Kevin…and I am so grateful!
I realize something else; none of these events were the “end result.” They were all signs of hope, of good things to come, just like we experience in the month of February, with Easter and the season of spring around the corner.
Thanks for listening. I was just excited about this reflection and wanted to share it with you.
 Ecclesiastes 3:1
 Philippians 4:13
 Matthew 18:20
 Karen