Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation Appreciation

We had a fantastic summer vacation at Myrtle Beach with Kevin’s Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.  All 14 of us stayed in a condo on the beach…just like we did four years ago.  One of the best parts of this vacation was appreciating how far Kevin has come in those four years.

Four years ago (Kevin was four years old) we took a break from Kevin’s program for the summer.  We had been working hard and were dedicated to our program every day for three years and he had achieved many victories along the way…Kevin was seizure free, crawling, creeping, and the long awaited and coveted walking victory.  After Kevin achieved the ability to walk…our focus quickly shifted to other important goals such as speech and the sometimes difficult to measure, behavior and social aspect of his development. 

Kevin is now eight years old and there are some days that I get discouraged when I think about how much more we want to accomplish with Kevin.  But then an opportunity arises when my whole family has a chance to look back and reflect on what that beach vacation was like with Kevin four years ago and clearly see the positive progress that Kevin has made that makes our life better.  The biggest change we all noticed was how on our last vacation, Kevin had been so difficult to transition from the condo to the beach without a fit because he had to walk by the car in the garage and the pool before reaching the beach.  This year, he couldn’t wait to get down to the beach and walk into the ocean to have the waves crash into him or just chill out on a beach chair with his Dad, he even liked playing in the sand.  But mostly the overall feeling (especially for me) was that it was just easier…Kevin was more flexible, he was not entirely focused on his obsessions, he interacted more with the family, and he was happy to be there with everyone.  In fact, after we returned home, Kevin wanted to look through the family photo albums and he purposefully chose the album from our beach vacation four years ago.  I’m not sure if he is comparing the progress he has made (like we were) or he just wanted to see his cousins again and go back to the beach, but I do know that we both feel renewed and positive as we begin our program again.  We are excited to see what changes we will see at the end of this summer.  I can truly say that this was in fact a vacation…I just hope we don’t have to wait four more years before we go back to the beach!    

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1, 2 Buckle My Shoe...3, 4 Shut the Door


Red White & Blue New Shoes
and the best part is we only had to buy one pair...both shoes are the same size!


Recently, Kevin and I figured out a way for him to get himself into his car seat with very minimal help.  In addition to this, I also began asking him to close the house door as he walks into the garage to get into the car.  Sometimes the door is too far ajar for him to reach the doorknob to pull it Kevin figured out that there was enough room for him to carefully slide his fingers under the door to pull it towards him so that he could grab the doorknob and pull it shut.  I love watching him figure out creative solutions to participate and help out in every day life.  I just hope that those fingers stay safe.

Kevin likes the Dirt!

Our first Vegetable Garden! My brother has been telling us for years that we should turn our backyard into a big vegetable garden. When he first started mentioning it we had no extra time to try to tend and grow a garden during the early years of Kevin's intense program.  Then a couple years ago I started keeping some herbs in a planter off the front porch.  And then last year I added a cucumber plant.  So this year, I felt ready to try a real vegetable garden.  We took Kevin's old wood carpeted bumpers that he used to crawl over and turned them into a raised vegetable garden.  It was true, that we did not have much time to tend to a garden before now, but another truth is that I had always envisioned keeping the backyard open so one day Kevin could play outside.  So you can imagine my delight when we were filling up the raised bed with dirt and Kevin was very happy playing with his Mickey Mouse shovel and digging in the dirt.  Kevin is a real boy...he likes the dirt!  So who knew...that the backyard I envisioned Kevin playing in has come to life. Thanks Steve! 


Kevin's Dad's 40th Birthday Surprise

I LOVE The Birthday Boy & Kevin's Dad is 40

Lordy Lordy
Look who's Forty
You sure will look Sporty
And be in your Glory
But by Sunday Morning
All you will have is an
Unforgettable Story
It's a little bitty Party
because only two will Fit
Driving around in a 
Borrowed Corvette