Monday, April 29, 2013

Can I hear a "Whoo Whoo"

April 26, 2013

Walking Better on April 2, 2013

We took Kevin's new stroller to the mall to test out for the first time, and he barely used it, which was fine with me.  Look at him go!  I think the walking track is definitely helping his left foot from turning in. It looks to me like he is correcting his left foot while he is walking.

Unfortunately, I should probably report that about a week after this video we noticed Kevin turning in his left foot again and toe walking.  We are trying to determine if maybe his shoe size is too small in the left shoe.  Kevin's left foot is currently measuring just below an 11 and he has been wearing an 11 shoe (with orthotics and wedge) and his right foot is measuring just below a 12 and he has been wearing a 12.5 shoe.  So we are trying the other 12.5 left shoe to see if that makes a difference.  So thankful that we have our revisit next week and can hopefully get this sorted out so Kevin can keep making good progress with his left foot and walking. 

Who Let the Dogs Out

This happened one day in March, but I am just now figuring out how to get my videos on the blog.

I was downstairs and I kept hearing what I thought was a dog barking outside.  I went upstairs to check on Kevin in the Hyperbaric Chamber and this is what I found, it was no dog, it was to my ears!  Now we ask him, "Who let the dogs out?" and often he will respond "Whoo Whoo" LOVE IT!!! (even if it is the Cleveland Browns theme song)

I should also note that this was before the Solisten headphone program.  And since the Solisten headphone program we have continued to have very good verbal sounds from Kevin.  I even have a 10 minute recorded Voice Memo on my phone of Kevin while he had the headphones on making all kinds of good sounds.  I like to play it and listen to it like music.  I wish I could figure out how to get the recorded Voice Memo on the blog.  But this video is a good one too, plus you get to see his smile!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Stroller

Well, I finally made a decision about purchasing a "special needs" stroller.  We are very grateful to Grandma and Grandpa Hudak for taking care of the bill.  I had mixed emotions when it arrived.  I was hoping that this was something we would not need to have but the reality was that we still needed something for long distances, like when we go to the zoo or the many walking trails in our area.  And he had definitely outgrown the toddler stroller and was getting to be a bit heavy to pull in the wagon, especially up hills.  After wishing we didn't need it, I was wishing we had gotten it sooner.  I love it!  Kevin looks much more comfortable in it and I am more comfortable pushing it because it is a taller device so the handlebars sit up nice and high.  And we quickly realized he can't stop the motion by putting his feet down like he did in the toddler stroller.  We have only had it for a short time and have used it every day that we have had decent spring weather to go for a walk outside.


Solisten Sound Training

We finally received our turn with the Solisten Sound Training (Tomatis Method) headphone device. This is an auditory program that was done for 2 consecutive hours a day for 15 days.  It is a listening training device to educate the human ear with regard to the listening function.  It uses a sound message that is transmitted by a vibrator (on top of the headphone) that connects with the skull.  The sound goes directly to the inner ear without passing through the tympanum.  This may help improve emotion, language, memory, and attention.

Several years ago, we could not go to church without the organ music bothering Kevin and overstimulating him, and it has since gotten better and it did not seem to bother him at all.  Recently, within the last few months, the organ music began bothering him again, and so he needed to wear the noise canceling headphones to be able to tolerate sitting through church.  After 5 days on the Solisten program, he was able to go to church without needing the noise canceling headphones to diminish the organ music and other auditory sensations that were overstimulating him.

The first couple days on the Solisten program were a bit challenging, getting him to keep the headphones on for 2 hours straight.  But when the weather cooperated we were able to take a drive to our favorite park, swing, take a walk on the trail, swing some more, and then drive home.

Apples for Easter

Grandee and Pap sent Kevin a package for Easter with lots and lots of apples!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So Kevin and I were doing our weekly shopping at our favorite market, Mustard Seed Market.  Most of the items we need are found in the perimeter of the store and we don't need to go down the aisles very often, but when I do, Kevin usually waits for me with the cart at the end of the aisle.  But one day, we were walking by and Kevin stopped pushing the cart and very purposefully went into the aisle that shelves the peanut butter jars.  He had quickly spotted the Sunbutter (made from sunflower seeds and tastes delicious) jar but it was a shelf too high for his reach.  Kevin made it clear (with no words) that he was NOT leaving until he got that jar of Sunbutter to put in the cart.  Now I had a jar of Sunbutter in the fridge at home and one in the cupboard, but Kevin rarely asks for anything and he frankly was not leaving until he had that Sunbutter jar.  I was a little concerned that I might have given in too easily and I didn't want him to think he would be getting a jar of Sunbutter every week.  Later that day when it was time for a snack he got apples and Sunbutter, he was so happy!  I actually couldn't remember the last time he had Sunbutter for a snack, so I began giving him some with apples everyday at snack time.  And in case you're wondering if he asked for another jar of Sunbutter the next time we went to the Market, the answer is no.  Kevin was obviously, using this as a way to communicate to me that he wanted some Sunbutter, gosh darn it! Then I got to thinking, wouldn't it be nice if Kevin could have a Sunbutter sandwich!  So I bought a loaf of spelt bread at the farmer's market that weekend, Kevin loved eating the Sunbutter on the bread, but unfortunately his lips swelled up which means he was allergic to the spelt.  After that, I bought a Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free Bread Mix that I made.  Well as you can see from my photo it didn't rise but Kevin ate it non the less and no swollen lips.  I'm still a little leery of using the bread so we use apples and carrots instead.  I will probably try the bread again, because I think it would be so great if I could give him a Sunbutter sandwich when we are traveling in the car.


More bread with Sunbutter please...even though my lips are swelling

My version of Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free Bread

Creeping with Left Arm Brace

This is the arm brace that we had custom made for Kevin's left arm to use while creeping laps.  
It holds his arm and elbow straight and encourages him to keep his hand open.


So if you have read the last few posts you may have noticed some pirate references.  Kevin's new favorites are the pirate songs from Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  He absolutely LOVES the music videos of Sharky and Bones performing the pirate songs.  And of course they have a song called "Walking the Plank", but right now Kevin's favorite songs are "Roll Up The Map" and "Talk Like A Pirate".  Kevin continues to enjoy the Mickey Mouse's Hot Dog Dance and of course Thomas The Train songs. Oh, and I can't forget The Muppets Mahna Mahna.  In fact, we are using music as our motivation for crawling and creeping laps. 

Sharky & Bones - The Neverland Pirate Band

Mickey Mouse's Hot Dog Dance

Thomas The Train & Friends

The Muppets Mahna Mahna