Monday, April 20, 2015

Dr. Nemeh - April 20, 2015

I would say the best words to describe today's visit is

Before our appointment I showed Kevin the picture of our last visit with Dr. Nemeh. When I told Kevin we were going to see Dr. Nemeh today he got a big smile on his face. 

During the visit, Kevin went in and out of Peace and Joy.  If he wasn't quiet and full of Peace, he was full of Joy by smiling, laughing, and babbling a way. If someone was listening in from the outside it would sound like a very FUN doctor visit. 

Dr. Nemeh filled us with Hope by being very pleased with the results of his assessment today compared to last visit. He said blood was flowing and it was apparent by the veins that were clearly visible throughout Kevin's body...which he said was a very good sign. He said that we should expect to see some results regarding the left foot. When we commented how verbal Kevin has been since our last visit in February, he said to expect more. And in case you didn't hear, Kevin's verbal sounds had more purpose to them at times, not just babble. It was apparent he had something he wanted to say instead of just the babble sing song sounds - which we love to hear too. 

We feel so blessed that Friend has given us this opportunity with Dr. Nemeh. Today we got to talk with Mrs. Nemeh while we were waiting. It amazes me that she can remember us from 9 years ago. She showed us a painting that is hanging in the office that Friend painted after his healing with Dr. Nemeh. Friend was finally able to use his hands and fingers and he used them to create something beautiful for Dr. Nemeh. Next time, I'll take a picture of it to share. We return in 8 weeks. 

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If you are interested in reading more about Dr. Nemeh you can find this book on Amazon.

Miracles Every Day: The Story of One Physician's Inspiring Faith and the Healing Power of Prayer

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     This inspiring chronicle, beautifully told by author Maura Poston Zagrans, traces the lives of the doctor and his dedicated wife, Kathy, and brings us the uplifting stories of the many people who have been healed through one man's powerful faith. Miracles Every Day is a compelling reminder of God's individual and unconditional love for each one of us. Along the way you will meet the dedicated family members, volunteers, and clergy who support the Nemehs in their work. They speak of a ministry of hope, of lives changed and saved through not just the power of prayer, but through the awesome Spirit-driven power of love.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Update on Upcoming Visits

With help from Friend, Kevin has his next appointment with Dr. Nemeh (in Cleveland) on Monday, April 20 - tomorrow! 

In a couple weeks we will be traveling to the Family Hope Center in Philadelphia, but not for our six month revisit. We are going for a quick visit to pick up Kevin’s Mollii Suit. We are giving it once last try. He is going to wear the original suit he wore a year ago, when he initially tried it on and we witnessed results. FHC will help us ensure a good fit which will likely mean something additional to ensure the pads on the inside of the suit are getting contact with his skin. The foot doctor will also see him to check on his left foot. 

Although our 6 month revisit was scheduled about this same time, we have decided we would like to have some time in the Mollii Suit before proceeding with his evaluation and assessment. So we have rescheduled that visit in July. 

After seeing Dr. Nemeh and getting the Mollii Suit back, we are praying and hoping to see some positive progress during the months of May and June, in regards to Kevin’s left foot and walking  - Please pray with us!