Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Outer Banks May 27 - June 3

Our vacation to the Outer Banks with the G family, Memorial week. It was our first time to the Outer Banks and we are all in love with it...minus the mosquitoes. This was Kevin's best vacation yet - lots of laughter and smiles!

Jon and I had questioned if we should get a beach wheelchair for Kevin. Boy, are we so glad we did! Our house was on the beach but we had a couple sand dunes to cross over to get to the ocean and that would have been a long haul if we were carrying Kevin...which would have drastically limited Kevin's trips down to the beach. Fortunately we did rent a wheelchair and he was more than happy being pushed down to the ocean. Although there was one time he wasn't happy going down to the beach. It was the first night we had a campfire on the beach with the family. We've never taken Kevin down to the beach at night so it was a new experience and it wasn't part of the vacation after dinner routine - LOL. There were tears and he was not happy even with everyone there and his snack. But he eventually calmed down enough to sit with me and the smiles came back and he enjoyed himself. Our last night of vacation, we had another fire on the beach and he was good to go - which gave us some good family pictures on the beach.

Kevin loved swimming in the heated pool! He spent HOURS in it. Kevin was able to touch the bottom of the pool so he was very independent while he was swimming. One day we were having our lunch by the pool and I couldn't get him to get out to eat. Finally when I insisted that he get out of the pool and eat he VERY SLOWLY made his way out of the pool. LOL! I loved having that typical kid moment.

My favorite moment during vacation was when Pap organized a game night with the LCR (Left Center Right) dice game. He said it was a game that everyone in the family could play - and he was right! Kevin had so much fun rolling the dice! He was laughing and smiling the entire time! I love those smiles!

I am so thankful that we had this opportunity to have a big family beach vacation...after Kevin's January foot surgery with enough recovery time to be back on his feet and walking...and two and half weeks before his hip surgery. So I feel like we got to experience some summer fun.

We made it!
Loves the ocean water
Love this big table to comfortably fit all 14 of us
Dad's birthday balloon
Rockin' it with Pap
Beach Boys
Watering can
Not happy on the beach at night
Ok, maybe this isn't so bad
Ok, now I'm happy again
Kayaking on the Sound
Uncle Steve kayaking with his "lean to the right" partner
LCR dice game
I LOVE this PROUD look on Kevin's face
as he's getting ready to roll the dice!
LCR Giggles with Carrie
More LCR Laughs
LCR Smiles with Emma
Swimming with Dad
T-Shirt Souvenir's
I like morning snuggles on the deck. 
Taking a ride on the beach with Grandee and Aunt's
He could do this for hours
Kevin and Grandee
The ocean was still a little chilly.
Making sure he doesn't roll away
Dad went fishing and caught a big fish
G Family
Last night on the beach
Uncle Steve sharing the wheelchair
Imagine Beach House
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

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