Thursday, August 24, 2017

Art on July 27 - Northeast Ohio Rocks

Kevin's first art session after his casts came off and able to sit at the table again...and his last art session at home before going into the hospital for intensive rehab for 6 weeks. It was a great way to have a painting celebration and it was so much fun for all of us!

Northeast Ohio Rocks
Step 1 - collect rocks during walks and hikes
Step 2 - paint the rocks and have lots of fun
Step 3 - hide the rocks in your favorite spots
Step 4 - find a rock and re-hide

Hey, I thought we were supposed to be painting rocks
- not faces and hands...silly!

It's a rock painting party!

Messy! Messy!

Kristen's rocks

Mom's rocks

Hiding our rocks

Met some friends along the way

Right there Regina

The first rock we gave Kevin to hide was Kristen's Christmas Tree rock...and Kevin threw it in the pond...LOL, that's what we normally do with the rocks when we go for a trail walk. 

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