Sunday, September 10, 2017

Home from the Hospital - September 8, 2017

I was very happy and pleased with Kevin's 5 weeks of intensive only problem was that they discharged him a week early. The rehab team had initially told us Kevin would be inpatient for 6 weeks but because he progressed well and was functional by hospital and insurance standards they weren't able to keep him the extra week. Initially I was worried...I wanted the extra week of 20 hours of "free" therapy...while being an inpatient his therapy doesn't count toward our limited insurance therapy visits. Kevin still has a lot of work and strengthening to do to improve his walking and I am worried if we will have enough therapy time through insurance for the remainder of the year. I made my opinion known to the team and I finally came to peace with it after talking with the right people in my life. I decided I didn't want this decision to be mine or theirs but I would trust God that it will all work out. 

Having said all that...Kevin is doing well and looks great. I am so proud of the really hard work he did in therapy and that he kept his winning smile. He also slept really well in the hospital and we didn't get sick! I would guess Kevin is nearly at the level of walking he was before surgery. I will continue to work with him at home between our physical and occupational therapy visits. 

Thank you for the many cards, balloons, flowers, books, activities, and prayers. They were much appreciated and it was nice to know you were thinking about us. 

We stayed for a full day of therapy on our last day. When we got home it was after 5pm and Kevin immediately made his way down to the basement to play with his toys. He eventually came back up to eat and then back down to play some more. It is good to be home!

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