Saturday, September 9, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

I think we had a more enjoyable Labor Day weekend with Kevin still being inpatient than we would have had if he was not in the hospital...of course getting a pass to leave for a few hours during the day makes you grateful for the time you have away and use it wisely.  

On Labor Day Monday, the Child Life Specialist gave us tickets for the RubberDucks baseball game. It was a beautiful day to spend with Grandma and our friends. We were able to walk over from the hospital because this ballpark is literally in their backyard.

On Sunday we went to church and out to breakfast with friends.

On Saturday, Jon arrived at the hospital at 6am so I could travel to Columbus to see my niece in her cross country meet. After Kevin's morning therapy, Jon brought him home to watch some football and play with his toys. 

And this was Kevin's thoughts at the end of the weekend...before 8pm.

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